to Plastic Surgery

At Plastic Surgery we only work with expert surgeons specializing in the field of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. Our doctors are board certified with years of experience, with hundreds, if not thousands, of successful procedures. They are supported by an educated team of professionals, providing top notch service.

  • Initial Consultation

    During your initial consultation we will talk about the type(s) of procedure you you’re interested in. We will then advise you of the various methods available to achieve the look you want. Consequently, we will make sure that you are in perfect health to undergo the surgery and give you a important guidelines you must follow prior to the operation.

  • Post Operative Care

    Depending on the type of surgery you receive, recuperation time will vary. Some surgeries may also require overnight stay, if necessary, although most procedures are considered ‘day surgeries’. Prior to your release, our trained staff will give you a list of guidelines to follow to ensure a speedy and space recovery, including medication intake and wound care.

  • Months Following Surgery

    For the first few weeks, even month after your surgery, it’s normal for your cosmetic surgery not to look as expected. Some types of cosmetic surgery take longer to heal than others, but most likely, in time, you will see the results you desired. Our doctors are experts in physical transformation, and will chose the healthiest and least invasive type of surgery to ensure you get exactly what you want.